The Puma Mk II helicopter represents a key element of the UK's medium battlefield support capability. The upgrade extend the operational lifetime and significantly increase the capabilities of 24 Royal Airforce Puma helicopters.

Enhancements for the Puma MK II include:

  • New Makila 1A1 turboshaft engines

  • integration of a full glass cockpit

  • Incorporation of modern avionics and flight management systems

  • Implementation of digital automatic flight control system

  • New secure communications suite

  • New defensive aids and ballistic protection for crew and passengers

  • Greater onboard fuel capacity and lower fuel consumption

Xacom provided the following consulting services:

  • Migration from the EV Lite solution to Deltek Cobra for earned Value Management Requirements

  • Roll out of Enterprise Risk Management solution (Sword Active Risk Manager) across Airbus Helicopters UK Defence Division

  • Integration of Puma risk and schedule information between UK, France and Romania

  • Management of the EADS Corporate Risk Management process across Airbus Helicopters UK